Month: November 2019
Campolo Scholars May 2019 Commencement

A Thanksgiving Proclamation

November 27, 2019

On October 3, 1863, in the midst of the turmoil and strife of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln called for peace and gratitude by and for all men in the Thanksgiving Proclamation. Lincoln realized that the human heart needs to give thanks– perhaps, especially in such times of strife! This Thanksgiving, we at the Campolo Cen...

Sowing Seeds Today for the Church of Tomorrow

November 20, 2019

Click here to read the Campolo Center for Ministry’s Fall 2019 Newsletter: The Campolo Scholars program is bearing tremendous fruit… Through your generous gifts, the number of Campo...

Campolo Scholars May 2019 Commencement

What’s been happening at the Campolo Center?

November 8, 2019

It’s a busy time of year at the Campolo Center for Ministry! Here are a few highlights: Julie Pennington-Russel is on campus this week as a special guest speaker in our Campolo Lecture Series. Julie is spending a lot of time investing in our scholars, who are in turn soa...