What’s been happening at the Campolo Center?

November 8, 2019

It’s a busy time of year at the Campolo Center for Ministry! Here are a few highlights:

Julie Pennington-Russel is on campus this week as a special guest speaker in our Campolo Lecture Series.

Julie is spending a lot of time investing in our scholars, who are in turn soaking up every opportunity to learn from her. She is speaking on “the need for Christians to develop practices for being present in every moment.”

Our Monday Weekly Scholars Meetings have been especially poignant this semester.

On October 21st Corey Fields, senior pastor of Calvary Baptist Church shared about Family Systems Theory. He guided the scholars through important questions: How does one recognize and navigate change and conflict? How should we identify challenging issues and take personal responsibility? The lecture and follow-up conversations provided practical guidance for leadership in the church and for personal growth.

On October 28th, Eastern alum Tom Ebersole, senior pastor of Wayne United Methodist Church, spoke on the ways the church is striving to restore credibility within the community.

He highlighted the importance of Wayne UMC’s food pantry, explaining how this simple service has led to other nonprofits partnering with the church to meet community needs together.

Campolo Resident Fellow James Williams has officially accepted an offer to be the senior pastor at a local church. We look forward to sharing more news with you soon! Please join me in congratulating James and praying for God to bless his ministry.

Campolo Scholar Aiden Link has developed a prayer ministry on Eastern University’s campus which meets on Sunday evenings. Called One Another, this ministry is meeting a deep need on campus. During Missions Forum, Aiden and others hosted prayer vigils in the chapel. We are grateful for his initiative and vision.

I’d like to close this update with praise and a request:

We are seeing more growth and development in our Campolo Scholars than we ever anticipated. We assumed that our scholars would have a great impact after graduation, but we are amazed to see how they serve so well today.

Tony, the Campolo Center team, and indeed many throughout campus are encouraged and excited about the impact these students are having in the “here and now!”

We thank God for the significant fruit of the Campolo Scholars’ ministries. We’d like you to hear more – and who better to share this good news than our current Scholars themselves?

Would you like a Campolo Scholar to preach at your church and to share what is happening at Eastern through the Campolo Center? Contact me at rgauthier@eastern.edu for more information about bringing a Campolo Scholar to your community!