Month: May 2020

A FRIEND OF JESUS: Tony’s Video Series #11

Over the years, Tony has helped the people of Haiti through the development of several ministries, including Beyond Borders and Haiti Partners. Today, he’d like to share with you a story from Haiti. It’s about a little boy, a pair

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LOVE & MARRIAGE: Tony’s Video Series #10

The Bible says there are types of love. But there’s one very particular kind of love that Tony wants to talk to you about today. We call this love AGAPE. Agape is the sacrificial, self-giving form of love that Jesus

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CURE VS. HEALING: Tony’s Video Series Part 9

Today, Tony shares his first experience anointing with oil and praying for healing. And, he presents how he ultimately learned what real healing looks like. Tony says that ‘cures’ are temporary and may not come to everyone. Healing is something

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May I share a story about my mom with you?

Mother’s Day holds a special place in my heart. But it also causes me to grieve over one of the Church’s great losses. You see, my own mother, Mary Campolo, was the best storyteller I’ve ever known. Her ability to hold a group entranced

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TWO SPECIAL STORIES: Tony’s Video Series Part 8

I’m certain that many of you know the name Brennan Manning – author of The Ragamuffin Gospel, and a dear friend to Tony. Brennan lived a remarkable life and had some remarkable stories to tell. Today, Tony has decided to pass

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