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What does ministry ACTUALLY look like?

In recent days, we have highlighted some of the rising church leaders from the Campolo Scholars program. Today, we’d like to introduce you to two very special alums, who happen to also be partners in ministry AND life! Jon Galdames-Henry

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Monday Meeting: Iron Sharpens Iron!

Our fall semester is well underway and the Campolo Center is working full steam ahead! We had a great turnout for this week’s Monday Meeting. In addition to our Scholars, we were joined by three special guests from Palmer Seminary

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The Latest News on Tony’s Recovery: An Update from Peggy

Dear Friends of Tony Campolo, We promised an update when we had news to report, and I am happy to tell you that Tony is making some real progress in his therapy sessions. The new focus is on what therapists

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An Update from Bart Campolo

Dear Friends, My wife Marty and I spent this past weekend visiting my parents in Bryn Mawr, so here’s a fresh, first-hand update. Dad always works really hard in rehab, but some days are definitely better than others in terms

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Unconscious Discrimination: Tony’s Video Series #12

If Christians and the Church do not bear witness to the reconciliation of God’s children, or in the Apostle Paul’s words, “Jew and Greek,” “slave and free,” “male and female,” how can we expect the world to reflect this unity?

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A FRIEND OF JESUS: Tony’s Video Series #11

Over the years, Tony has helped the people of Haiti through the development of several ministries, including Beyond Borders and Haiti Partners. Today, he’d like to share with you a story from Haiti. It’s about a little boy, a pair

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LOVE & MARRIAGE: Tony’s Video Series #10

The Bible says there are types of love. But there’s one very particular kind of love that Tony wants to talk to you about today. We call this love AGAPE. Agape is the sacrificial, self-giving form of love that Jesus

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CURE VS. HEALING: Tony’s Video Series Part 9

Today, Tony shares his first experience anointing with oil and praying for healing. And, he presents how he ultimately learned what real healing looks like. Tony says that ‘cures’ are temporary and may not come to everyone. Healing is something

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TWO SPECIAL STORIES: Tony’s Video Series Part 8

I’m certain that many of you know the name Brennan Manning – author of The Ragamuffin Gospel, and a dear friend to Tony. Brennan lived a remarkable life and had some remarkable stories to tell. Today, Tony has decided to pass

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A POEM AND A PRAYER: Tony’s Video Series Part 7

Here in the United States, we find that our national suffering in the time of coronavirus is further compounded by social division. But this kind of division is not exclusive to our country, nor is it particular of our era

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