A Word of Encouragement from Tony

July 21, 2022

Remarkably there are just six weeks left before the start of the next semester. We hope that you have the opportunity to recharge your batteries and refresh yourself over the summer months.

The Campolo Scholars are serving in internships and doing a bunch of things over the summer months. You’d be proud of them! As you reflect on the work of the Campolo Center for Ministry, here is a helpful quote from Tony to encourage you:

“Perhaps because our culture and politics have gone so off course, with values so contrary to those of Jesus, more and more people intuitively recognize that His vision of God’s kingdom – a new world of compassion, justice, integrity, and peace – is the Good News they’ve been searching and waiting for.”

– Tony Campolo, Red Letter Christians: A Christian’s Guide to Faith and Politics

We are grateful for Tony’s timeless wisdom, and for his ongoing efforts to speak life and truth into the future of the Church through our Scholars.

Thank you for your partnership with the Campolo Center for Ministry.