Next up… Tony & Jabre

June 30, 2022

Last week, it was my honor to introduce you to recent Campolo Center graduate, Karen Bennett. This week, I’m excited to update you on another wonderful Scholar and graduate: Jabre Harris.

Just a few days before graduation, I took Jabre to visit Tony. They had a wonderful time of fellowship.

Tony asked Jabre: “What was your favorite class this year?”

Response: “Sermon on the Mount with Dr. Modica, Eastern Chaplain and a professor of the New Testament.” (Good answer!)

Jabre and Tony discussed the message of the Sermon on the Mount and what Jesus meant by his teachings. Tony asked Jabre about his prayer life and Jabre exclaimed that he loves praying and has a strong prayer life. It’s “what helps him get through the day,” he says. He prays day and night on behalf of others and with others.

The question arose: “What do you say to someone who doesn’t know how to pray or feel anything when they pray?”

Jabre responded with an exhortation that prayer must begin with gratitude: “Lord, I thank you.” And that the “Lord’s prayer” is always a great way to seek God.

Jabre was recently invited to share a reflection at Eastern’s Senior Chapel. He spoke on James 1:2-4 and the joys of being a Christian, an Eastern student, and a Campolo Scholar.

At graduation, Jabre was awarded the Mrs. W. Bryan Brown Christian Service Award, which is awarded to a student going into full-time Christian Service. He will be apprenticing as a hospital chaplain and serving at a Christian youth camp this summer, and he plans to begin graduate studies at Palmer Seminary in the fall!

We are so proud of our graduates Jabre, Karen, and Saroj, who are doing amazing things for the Kingdom of God. And your role in their work is important!

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Your gift will be doubled, will honor Tony’s life and legacy, and will support the returning and incoming students who are a part of a growing cohort of Campolo Scholars.

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