You’re Invited to a Special Chapel Service

March 24, 2022

Shameika is originally from Washington State but now lives in Philadelphia. She is in her second semester at Palmer Theological Seminary in pursuit of a joint MDiv/MBA degree.

She serves as a student chaplain to support the holistic formation of Christian leaders. She’s a poet and photographer who believes that art can be a form of prayer and devotion and a medium for encountering God, Truth, and ministry.

She’s also one of three Campolo Scholars who will speak in a special chapel at 10 am EDT on April 20th, reflecting on the life and legacy of Tony.

I’d like to invite you to join us via Zoom for this special service. You can click here to attend. In the meantime, I invite you to read Shameika’s reflection on her time with Tony:

“Sitting with Dr. Campolo felt like being in church. He has an uncanny way of getting straight to the heart of the matter. Our conversation began with Dr. Campolo riddling me with questions about my background, school, my upcoming nuptials, and my devotional life. It almost felt like a test; thankfully, since this was my second meeting with him, I was prepared for the questions and knew it was actually his earnest desire to get to know me without the typical social fluff.

Once Dr. Campolo felt satisfied with my answers, he started sharing his own heart and thoughts with me. The Spirit affirmed his words within me and I was simply grateful to have some time in church on this Tuesday afternoon. As he spoke, I continuously thought to myself, amidst the amens and preach!’s: “This is how I need to preach. This is what people need to hear. Yes! How can we bring the Kingdom of God into our every day, our jobs, our homes, and our communities?!” As I think on it now, this is a very odd train of thought for me–I do not preach. Alas, God continues to reveal and speak through His servants and I remain humbled.”

What a joy it is to see the continued impact Tony and the Campolo Center for Ministry are having on the future of the Church. Thank you for your important role in making this ministry possible!

Each year, the Campolo Center provides Scholars with tuition, mentorship, and vocation-specific training to prepare them for a variety of roles in Church and para-church ministries.

You can support Tony’s vision to raise up a new generation of church leaders by clicking here.