A Christmas Message from Tony Campolo

December 21, 2016

What the angels announced 200 years ago must be faithfully declared until the whole world is overawed with the message: that a child was born to bring hope and peace to the world.

That is why the Campolo Center for Ministry is committed to raising up young women and men to declare this Good News. Each year, we will select and mentor a new cohort of Campolo Scholars here at Eastern University to do this important work. The Church and the world needs more young messengers of God’s Good News — and that’s why I’m writing to you for help.

tony-with-lights-320-x-240What better way to celebrate Christmas than to invest in young messengers who will tell the story of Jesus for years to come! Please be generous in your support for the development of these leaders through the Campolo Center for Ministry!

With gratitude and hope,
Tony Campolo

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