Campolo Scholars Forum with Dr. Tony Campolo

November 17, 2021

On Monday, November 15th, we were privileged and honored to have Tony join the Campolo Scholars and other students, faculty, and staff from Eastern University and Palmer Theological Seminary for our weekly Campolo Scholars Forum (40 folks in total).

Tony is a distinguished Eastern University alum and Emeritus Professor of Sociology.  In his talk on The Role of the Church and Christian Academy for Intellectual, Spiritual, and Vocational Formation, Tony shared about the impact Eastern had on his as a student and of his hopes and dreams for the Campolo Scholars and all Eastern University and Palmer Theological Seminary Students.  Tony discussed the profound influence on his faith, theology, and vocation from reading John Wesley’s journals, Walter Rauschenbusch, John Calvin, among others, in some of his most memorable classes with his favorite Eastern professors.

We hope you enjoy this recording of Tony’s talk as much as we enjoyed hearing it in person (virtually) and we look forward to listening to and learning from Tony when he joins us again next semester.  You can support Tony and the Campolo Scholars with a donation to Eastern University’s Campolo Center for Ministry by clicking HERE.

The Campolo Scholars Forum is made possible with generous gifts from the Baugh Family Foundation and FBC of Philadelphia.