CCM Inaugural Fiscal Year-End Appeal

June 22, 2015

The inaugural year of the Campolo Center for Ministry has been quite a ride!

As you know, Tony is keen to see CCM help launch the careers of church leaders and pastors. And, with our base of operations at Eastern University, we have been able to accomplish a great deal this past year.

In addition to launching a new website, creating new ministry materials, seeing friends celebrate Tony’s 80th birthday by giving more than $80,000, and creating CCM programs for the rising generation of church leaders, YOU and our supporters have blessed the work beyond our expectations. Thank you!

Put simply, we are grateful to God – and you – for blessing the work of CCM!

Below I will share some hopes about ending our June 30 ministry year with a bang. But in the meantime, I wanted to answer the question: what is Tony up to these days?

When he is not in meetings focused on the work of CCM and our key projects of scholarships, programs, and resources for young pastor prospects, he is:

  • Teaching sociology to classes of motivated students
  • Serving as commencement speaker at the recent Eastern graduation ceremonies
  • Speaking at churches, businesses, and universities across the country

In short, Tony is not slowing down – and neither should we!

As a result, we want to encourage all former EAPE donors, current CCM donors, and anyone who has followed Tony’s ministry over the years to support his dream of starting a pastor incubation program here at Eastern.

This fall, we will have our first class of Campolo Scholars at Eastern. They will be trained in special classes, motivated by uniquely selected mentors, and blessed with opportunities to serve (and earn a little money!) through the Campolo Internship program.

All that is needed to make this happen is: prayer, hard work, and your support!

While we have not officially started the campaign to endow the Campolo Scholarship Fund, we have raised substantial support for both Tony’s Team at the Campolo Center for Ministry this year and have started to receive gifts for the Scholars. We are grateful for this support! Stay tuned for the announcement of the launch of the Campolo Scholarship Fund in the months ahead.

But for now, we want to encourage you to give generously at this time in support of Tony’s Team at the Campolo Center for Ministry, especially so this ministry year finishes in good shape. You can read more about our ministry plans and specific projects that we need to fund here:

Regardless of which fund you choose, please respond soon. We are hoping to see over $100,000 given in just the next few weeks, prior to the end of our ministry year on June 30, 2015.

Your gifts will be used wisely and appreciated greatly.

Thanks again for your partnership with Tony’s Team and the work of the Campolo Center for Ministry!

Sincerely in Christ,
Robert Gauthier
Executive Director of Development
Campolo Center for Ministry

P.S. Tony asked me to say: “You can help the next generation of pastors RIGHT NOW by your support of CCM!” And I agree; you can play such a key role in the development of these young pastors and church leaders. We are so very grateful for your partnership in the gospel and support of Tony’s Team.

Please let us hear from you online or by post – and either way by June 30th. Thanks and God bless you!