It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

June 18, 2020

These are indeed extraordinary times. Between pandemic and loss, injustice, and ensuing protests, our nation is grieving. But the question remains: how will we make the most of this time now, for reflection, introspection, mediation, prayer, and intentionality and prepare for the future?

The life and work of the Church, and therefore the important task of calling, mentoring, and training pastors and leaders for the Church – the mission and goal of the Campolo Center – must continue.

While the COVID-19 crisis necessitated the temporary closing of our campuses, Tony and I remained committed to encouraging, counseling, and mentoring the Campolo Scholars – collectively and individually.

  • We maintained our weekly Campolo Scholars Fellowship meetings via Zoom and were more intentional about listening to and praying for one another. These calls drew us closer together emotionally and spiritually.
  • For a few of the weekly Zoom meetings, visiting Campolo Fellows joined us and thoughtfully challenged and encouraged the students to persevere.
  • Together, Tony and I had lengthy, candid, and fruitful conference calls with each of the Campolo Scholars and discussed their reading and studies, spiritual practices, and life during the quarantine. Tony’s mentoring of each student has been incredible – some of the most insightful and meaningful conversations I’ve ever heard.

Now, as the 2019-2020 academic year has concluded, we are:

  • Celebrating three more Campolo Scholars graduating and beginning the next chapters of their lives and leadership in ministry: Abi Fell-Dewalt, Ally Bartlett Ruch, Jaclyn Favaroso.
  • Preparing to welcome a new cohort of Campolo Scholars to join those returning to Eastern University and Palmer Theological Seminary in the fall.

Most of our current and incoming Campolo Scholars are Millennials or Generation Z. These students were birthed into the digital age. Although Tony and I have had to teach them the importance of, and how to address and stamp, handwritten thank you notes (!), they are uniquely suited and adept at navigating the internet.

The Campolo Scholars are perfectly suited for this unique time – for staying connected and engaged while social distancing keeps us physically separated from family, friends, and our faith communities.

But in order to continue investing in the lives of these young leaders, we need you! If you find yourself blessed with continued financial security, and feel moved to support our work during this time, we would greatly appreciate every such gift, large or small.

Please click here to make a special gift, so that the Campolo Center can end its fiscal year in a healthy position and enter into a new season of building into scholars’ lives.