Only 3 more days until Tony’s 80th! #80for80

February 23, 2015

Only three more days until Tony turns 80 on February 25th!  We still need your help to give him two things for this momentous occasion:

1. Birthday Present: The “80 for 80″ campaign. We’re seeking to raise $80,000 to support one of Tony’s most passionate interests: scholarships for the rising generation of pastors and church leaders, so they can afford ministry training.  (We’re getting close and you can help us reach our goal!)

When we were sharing this idea with friends late last year they offered to give half of our goal as a Matching Grant. As a result, your gift of $8, $80, $800 or more given in support of the Campolo Scholarship Fund and Tony’s 80th birthday will be automatically doubled!  You can help by giving, or by spreading the word! Give a birthday present

2. Birthday Card: We also want to give Tony the best birthday card ever.  We’ve created a virtual birthday card where you can leave a birthday message for Tony in the comments section! A story about how he touched your life, or just some words of cheer.  You can help spread the word by including the hash tag #80for80Comments received by February 25th will be included in a commemorative 80th birthday book for Tony.

First Impression
The first time I heard Tony preach was at the Tabernacle in Ocean City, NJ about 12 years ago.  If you’ve heard Tony speak you know why he’s renowned for his, often self-deprecating, humor.  He almost always begins his sermon with a joke and I’ll never forget the first words out of his month that Sunday morning in June:  “I’m an old guy.  You know you’re old when your wife says ‘let’s go upstairs and have sex.’  And you say, ‘I can’t do both.'”  I blushed while the congregation roared with laughter.  Joking aside, I’ll also never forget how Tony’s sermon helped me to see the ways God is working in the world and inspired me to work for justice as part of following Jesus.

Dear Tony:

It’s been a honor and a privilege to work with you over the last 10+ years and I’m thrilled to continue to serve with you in the next chapter of your ministry through the Campolo Center for Ministry.  Thank you for your friendship, the laughter, encouragement, and inspiration.


Robert Gauthier
Executive Director of Development