July 16, 2020

Just a few days ago, I had a wonderful phone conversation with Tony. It was my joy to share with him about the many people who have reached out, offering encouragement and prayer. He was deeply touched. He is now working hard at therapy and making progress. Keep the prayers coming!

If you missed the news, click here to read the Campolo family’s announcement about Tony’s recent stroke.

As we continue to pray for Tony, we realize that much of his life’s work is being realized through the Campolo Scholars. So, we continue to expand and enhance the good work of the Campolo Center for Ministry. With that in mind, we are excited to introduce one of our newest Scholars today!

Meet Samarah Pacheco:

Samarah is from Montville, NJ, and a Class of 2020 graduate of American Christian High School. Tony and I interviewed her by phone in April and were equally impressed by her faith, spiritual maturity, and dedication to serving in ministry. Samarah is excited to begin the next chapter of life, education, and training for ministry at Eastern with the Campolo Scholars. She will double major in Psychology and Music and is called to music ministry in the church.

As you pray for Tony and his recovery, please also pray for Samarah and for all of our new and returning Campolo Scholars.