The Church is in decline – what is our response?

June 13, 2019

This is personal. As I enter the last season of my life, the Church I love and have served for over 60 years is in decline.

The rising generation doesn’t seem as interested in the Christian faith and spiritual formation, and the number of people making decisions to become pastors and church leaders is getting smaller each year.

And, of the people who actually study to become pastors, most graduate with such substantial debts that they often forego actual ministry careers for other work that lets them pay off these debts. Such young people often fail to come back to live out ministerial careers.

I feel this concern for the Church deeply – and I sense that you do too.

That is why I am hoping that our mutual concern can be harnessed for long-lasting impact, perhaps even beyond our lifetimes. Together, we can do what no one of us can do alone!

The Campolo Center for Ministry exists to address three major needs:

1) Recruiting gifted, committed, Christ-centered leaders

2) Preparing these leaders with Biblical training

3) Helping to alleviate the often-crushing levels of student debt

I believe that these steps are critical at this juncture in the Church.

And I’m deeply encouraged by your passion to see the Church of Jesus Christ thriving and serving a world that needs to hear the Good News. 

Would you pray for the Campolo Center and the scholars being discipled and mentored right now? Thank you for your partnership!

Sincerely in Christ,
Tony Campolo

PS. Click here to learn more about the Campolo Center for Ministry and see how you can get involved today.