Virtual Homecoming with Tony and Peggy

October 15, 2020

We were so pleased to have Peggy and Tony as special guests for our homecoming event last Saturday! What a blessing it was to hear stories of Tony’s impact on the lives of so many – from the Campolo Scholars he has mentored to those who have encountered Tony through his books, preaching, and/or in person.

We also heard from Tony himself! He shared about the collection of stories he’s currently working on, which will be published in 2021. He spoke passionately about his ongoing commitment to the Campolo Center and his unceasing concern and care for the church.

It was a meaningful time of fellowship for friends and folks who share this common faith… even though we were stretched across the country and, in some cases, on other continents.

Lisa Rea, Founder and President of Restorative Justice International, had this to say about the event:

“It was a great pleasure today to participate in a Zoom [Eastern University Homecoming event] with Pastor Tony Campolo from Eastern University. [More than] 45 people participated from around the country and world as we shared our love and respect for him. Tony is recovering from a stroke but God has been with him all the way. God bless his ministry as he continues to recover. Thanks to Robert W. Gauthier for the invitation to be a part of this call and reflect on Tony’s contribution as a national leader in ministry and deep supporter of justice.”

Cionie Lum, Campolo Scholar and Social Work major in her Junior year at Eastern University:

“This afternoon with Dr. Tony Campolo and Peggy was EXCELLENT! It brought tears to my eyes to see the extensive impact of Dr. Campolo and the Campolo Scholars. Thank you for setting this time of fellowship up! You probably do not hear this enough, but thank you for the work you do for CCM!”

We’d like to invite you to watch the recording of the Virtual Homecoming today. We’re certain you’ll be encouraged by Tony and Peggy, the Scholars, and each of our guests as you listen in on Tony’s first public speaking event since his stroke.

Praise the Lord for healing, and thank you for your ongoing prayers.

Welcome: Robert Gauthier ’08, Executive Director, Campolo Center for Ministry

2:30: Opening Prayer: Rev. Dr. Joe Modica, Chaplain and Professor of the New Testament, Eastern University

4:05: Dave and Sharron Sedziol ’64; Sociology with Tony

5:18: Lisa Rea, Founder and President, Restorative Justice International

8:25: Dr. Ron Matthews, President, Eastern University

22:37: Ken Medema, acclaimed musician and songwriter

24:26: Glenna Geiger ’95, widow of the late Dr. Linwood Geiger, Eastern University Economics Professor and EAPE board member

25:52: Tony Campolo

29:08: Keith Shields, Canadian pastor, scientist and author

30:35: Jabre Harris ‘22, Campolo Scholar and Double Major in Biblical Studies, Youth Ministries and Missions, Eastern University

32:26: Shanda Taylor ’85, Veteran and Nurse

37:11: Sonia Brown, friend from the United Kingdom

38:46: Tony Campolo

39:45: Dr. Joan Frizzell ’69, Professor of Nursing, La Salle University, author

42:02: Rev. Dr. Melinda Graves-Story ’75, Social Worker, Pastor, Sociology with Tony

44:46; Ronn Huff ’87, Sociology with Tony, Director, Center for Clinical Ethics

46:44: Tony Campolo

48:20: Bob Lichy, Love the Children Ministry

50:20: Rev. James Williams ’19, Campolo Scholar alum, former Resident Campolo Fellow, Senior Pastor, FBC of Philadelphia

54:38: Tony Campolo

56:02: Angelo Soto ’22, Campolo Scholar and Political Science Major and Missions Minor, Eastern University

57:00: Rev. Brian Ballard ’10, Associate Pastor, Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church

59:19: Tony Campolo

1:03:20: Ken Medema

1:05:08: Beverly VanderMolen, friend of the Campolo’s

1:06:02: Peggy Campolo ’59

1:06:52: PeggySue Stimson, World Vision Canada

1:08:01: Leida Soto, Mother of Campolo Scholar, Angelo Soto

Closing Prayer