Meet Saroj!

February 16, 2021

This month we’re celebrating Tony’s 86th birthday by sharing stories of people whose lives he has impacted.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the story of a very special Campolo Scholar.

MEET SAROJ CHETTRI: Saroj is from Nepal. He is studying for a Master’s of Divinity as a Campolo Scholar at Palmer Theological Seminary.

He has worked with World Vision and Habitat for Humanity. His heart for the least of these is truly remarkable.

Saroj’s family still lives back in Nepal and he misses them dearly. Following his seminary studies, Saroj plans to return to Nepal and work among marginalized people with the support of local churches.

Saroj had a one-on-one mentor meeting with Tony last week to discuss next steps in his ministry career.

He wants to follow in Tony’s footsteps in studying the sociology of religion. This study has benefited Tony immensely throughout his ministry, giving him the insights needed to deconstruct social and cultural myths and better understand how to apply the tenets of Christianity to a given context.

Saroj, with his “Covid Beard,” enjoying the winter wonderland.

Mentorship is a critical part of the Campolo program. It’s our goal that every scholar be personally, relationally, and spiritually equipped for their vocation upon graduation.

This month, as we celebrate his 86th birthday, I’m deeply encouraged as I witness anew the positive influence Tony has had and continues to yield on the future of the church. Young leaders like Saroj need the church to come alongside them with training, mentorship, and eduction. Tony has helped develop so many church leaders in these ways; the Campolo Center for Ministry continues to provide such assistance today.

In honor of Tony, we’ve launched a special celebration effort to raise $86,000 for the Campolo Center for Ministry.

Gifts made this month in honor of Tony’s birthday will support the scholarship fund for students just like Saroj. Thank you for your partnership in this good work.