What are the Campolo Scholars up to?

March 9, 2021

Thanks to everyone who celebrated Tony’s 86th birthday by sending gifts for the scholarship fund that fund provides for the Campolo Scholars. We are grateful for your partnership in this important strategy for Christian leadership development and church renewal.

Here are some updates and prayer requests from the gifted young students you support:

Dakota Stott began an internship with the youth group at Hopewell United Methodist Church, which has been a key partner with the Campolo Center and home to several Campolo Scholars. Dakota has requested prayers for herself, her family, and other students and families who will not be able to be with their loved ones at Easter because of Covid.

James Williams is an Campolo Scholar alum and former Resident Campolo Fellow and now Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Philadelphia, which just approved its 2021 missions budget to include sponsoring Campolo Scholars and the Campolo Fellows Lecture Series.

Jabre Harris recently preached a sermon called “The Way of Freedom” at St. John’s Baptist Church in Philadelphia on Sunday, February 28th. He has requested prayers for preparation of the Easter service planned by the Student Activities Board (SAB) and One Generation. Jabre will be preaching the sermon on Easter Sunday at 4 PM.

Shavay Ellis is excited that her church has resumed meeting in person for worship and fellowship. She is one of three students leading worship and prayer, in addition to preaching the service on the 2nd Friday of each month. Shavay’s pastor and first lady will be leading one of our Monday morning Campolo Scholars Fellowship meetings this semester. She is asking for prayer for safety for everyone as they re-engage in worship services and social interaction.

Angelo DeSoto has been working at Wayne United Methodist Church, assisting with several social media campaigns to help the church advertise local Boy Scout food drives, food for the pantry, their upcoming Easter Service, Wayne Church food pantry drive, and other community services. He also helps them prepare for return to in-person service through social media advertisements to help promote their church. Please pray for Angelo and the church as they open their doors back up to the community for worship.

Mike Gankevich has been asked to lead Youth Bible Study on Wednesday evenings at the Ukrainian Church he used to attend, in addition to leading worship at the Wednesday Prayer Service of his current church. He is excited by this opportunity, but has asked for prayer for time management as he balances full-time work, seminary, and serving in these churches.

At the Campolo Center for Ministry, our calling is to mentor, equip, counsel, and develop the lives of our Scholars.

And, through scholarship funding, we enable them to graduate with less debt so they can go straight into ministry rather than take a secular job to pay off college loans. Thank you for being a part of this ministry in coming alongside the Campolo Scholars – both financially and in prayer.