A Special Celebration is Coming Up!

February 22, 2022

We’re celebrating Tony’s birthday this week with a special surprise party and matching gift campaign. (Click here to learn more about how you can join.)

We will gather to celebrate Tony’s life, his witness, service, and vision. We ask you to give in honor him to support Tony’s most important commitments through the Campolo Center for Ministry: providing scholarships to recruit and train the next generation of church leaders.

The Campolo Center for a Ministry and each individual Scholar are near and dear to Tony’s heart. He once said:

“As I enter the last season of my life, the Church I love and have served for over 60 years is in a decline. The rising generation doesn’t seem as interested in the Christian faith and spiritual formation, and the number of people making decisions to become pastors and church leaders is getting smaller each year. And, of the people who actually study to become pastors, most graduate with such substantial debts and they often forego actual ministry careers for other work that lets them pay off their debts. Such young people often fail to come back to live out ministerial careers.”

We currently have 20 Campolo Scholars in training at Eastern University and Palmer Theological Seminary and are praying and working to increase enrollment to 30 students in the fall of 2022. The Campolo Scholarship Fund is a vital and strategic fund to sustainably support current and future Campolo Scholars called and committed to servant-leadership in the church and community.

Let’s make Tony’s 87th birthday celebration one to remember.

Your gift will celebrate and honor Tony and will be matched dollar for dollar to support the future of the Church.