A Special Letter of Thanks from Cionie Lum

April 8, 2021

Today I am pleased to share a letter with you – straight from the heart of a very special Campolo Scholar: Cionie Lum

The Campolo Center for Ministry, extensive in its reach, cultivates the God-given gifts, talents, and abilities of its students, and nurtures the calling that each student carries. Campolo Scholars, both alumnus and current students, are able to sit under the wisdom and guidance of seasoned and active laborers in the vineyard – where we often find there may be few.

Here, in the Campolo Center for Ministry, we are nurtured in such an intentional way that we are not only positioned to share the Gospel in the carefully unique ways that Christ calls us to, but we are postured, in heart, to serve and live out the Gospel, learning the nuances of our faith that calls us to “holistically” follow Christ (in mind, soul, and heart).

Your gift, your giving, continues to build up and train students of every background, being sent out to every corner and crevice of the world, to serve in One name.

It is beautiful how far-reaching a ‘sowed seed’ can travel — to the ends of the earth, even. As I continue to minister in the urban community of Wilmington, Delaware, I am edified and sharpened by the education and ministerial mentorship that I receive at Eastern University (this too paints the image of a far-reaching ‘sowed seed’, as your giving allows me to become further knowledgeable, seasoned, and prepared to ‘go out’ and serve in the myriad of ways we are all called to).

Once more, I thank you, as I reckon other Campolo Scholars do also, for your giving! May you find yourself to be immersed in God’s continued blessing and ‘refreshing’ as we all continue to labor in Christ’s Kingdom together.

Warmly with Gratitude,

Cionie Lum, ’21
Wilmington, Delaware