James Williams: In His Own Words

November 29, 2018

Serving, Leading and Learning
My summer has been one of abundant blessing, being filled with both prolific productivity and renewal! I started a part-time position at International Ministries — the global outreach arm of the American Baptist Churches, USA. As the Administrative Assistant to Asia, I have the privilege of helping coordinate an incredible variety of missional efforts across Asia. In July, International Ministries sent me to Green Lake, MI to participate in the World Mission Conference. While there, I spent time with missionaries, pastors, and organizational heads from around the world. James Williams, Campolo Scholar and Palmer Theological Seminary student, I am particularly excited for this upcoming December, when I will lead a 10-day excursion to the Philippines to participate in the 75th anniversary of the Hopevale Martyrs — a group of 11 American Baptist missionary families who gave their lives to protect native Filipinos against the Japanese invasion during World War II. We will spend several days working with mission organizations in urban Manila before heading off to a significantly more rural Hopevale to attend the celebration.

James Williams and his colleagues at International Ministries — the global outreach arm of American Baptist Churches, USA.

In addition to my new work with International Ministries, I’ve continued to work both as a part-time student worker at Palmer Theological Seminary and as an Associate Minister at The Green Church. I particularly enjoyed designing, teaching, and finishing a Bible Study called “A Journey Through John”, whereby I attempted to lead my congregants on a 22-week exploration through the Johannine Gospel. I also continued working with Evangelicals for Social Action where I serve as a Ronald Sider Scholar at the Sider Center.

In June, I was humbled to learn that I was the recipient of a generous scholarship from Church Mutual Insurance Company as part of their Religious Scholars Program.

James Williams preaching the Good News at The Green Church.

Through all of this, I’ve had the wonderful privilege of continuing my preaching ministry. I spent several Sundays preaching at The Green Church, where I am an Associate Minister. I was the guest preacher for two weeks at Upland Baptist Church at the end of July, and I helped lead worship at the Silverside Church in Wilmington, DE for several weeks. I expect to preach at St. Paul’s church in South Philadelphia at the end of August and have been invited to preach at North Wales Baptist Church sometime in the fall.

I’m looking forward to this upcoming fall semester! In addition to my ministry, work, and classes, I will be serving as a Teaching Assistant for Dr. Donald Brash — Palmer’s resident Systematic Theologian. One of the things I’m most looking forward to, however, is my time spent with the Campolo Center. I can’t express the value I attach to the time I get to spend with Tony. His wisdom and knowledge of all things related to ministry are, for lack of a better word, inspiring. I look forward to continuing to grow through the guidance Tony and Robert provide me, and I will strive to reciprocate the love that the Campolo Center has shown me. However, I can help, I’m glad and honored to do so.