This New Song from a Young Christian Will Leave You Breathless

June 26, 2016

What if Christian music didn’t gloss over how hard life can be?

Lenise Morales is a Campolo Scholar at the Campolo Center for Ministry at Eastern University. Her forthcoming EP, which will be recorded this summer, seeks to use non-“church music” to reach a broad audience that needs to meet the real Jesus.

She says: “I wrote the first song on my EP, “Out of the Dust,” after the bombings in Paris. It’s an invitation to hope in the midst of the ruins.”

Hear more of Lenise’s story here: How Music Can Reach People Who Resent Christianity

Out of the Dust (link to video below)
Verse :
Oh I believe in you
Even though your light is clouded by the waves of deadly fumes
Justice is crying out
From the ashes from the flames
for a promise remains

Oh let the truth be told
What was flooded with destruction will become streets of gold
Life is bursting forth
From the chaos from the pain
For a promise remains

Pre Chorus:
There is hope for the broken
A home for the orphan
Rest for the weary soul

Out of the Dust
From the flames
Oh Diamonds will be made
Diamonds will be made

Final Verse:
Mark my words, listen close
There is a hope within these ruins and He echoes in my bones
The sun is rising up
From the darkness from the grave
For a promise remains

We’re rising up up up up up
Out of the Dust
We’re rising up up up up up
Out of the dust
Out of the dust.

Listen to Lenise sing it on her facebook page HERE.