Planting Seeds with Jen Hatmaker

September 27, 2019

The Campolo Scholars were invited to be special guests of the Planting Seeds for Ministry and Growth conference at Hopewell United Methodist Church, with popular and prolific author, blogger, speaker and pastor, Jen Hatmaker.

Jen discussed various challenges for pastors and Christian leaders to guide their congregations through conflict. . . when “life together” is hard and messy.

This is an especially timely lesson for fuure pastors and church leaders, given the frequently divisive nature of our society.

Seven of the Campolo Scholars enjoyed a private lunch with Jen and Hopewell UMC leadership.

I had the opportunity to share the vision, mission, and goals of the Campolo Center and invited area pastors in attendance to recommend students for the program.

I also met prospective students and the South District Superintendent of the UMC, Dawn Taylor-Storm, who wants to explore working together.

Hopewell United Methodist Church is a key partner with the Campolo Center at Eastern University. Three of the current Campolo Scholars – Ally BartlettBerdy JeanMary, and Jen Lisowski – are members and/or on staff at Hopewell.

Senior pastor, Rev. Amy Banka is an alumnus of and adjunct professor at Eastern University’s Palmer Theological Seminary and a guest speaker and mentor in the Campolo Scholars program!

I wanted to share this encouraging news and give thanks to God – and to YOU – for blessing this program with your prayers and support!

Robert Gauthier
Executive Director