Raising Up Future Church Leaders

September 17, 2020

As we begin a new semester carrying out Tony’s vision to support, train, and mentor young leaders to serve the church and para-church ministries, we are grateful that we have a team that does not “grow weary in doing good.”

In the coming days, we will highlight some of these rising church leaders from the Campolo Scholars program. First up is returning Scholar, Jabre Harris.

Jabre returned to campus for his Junior year on August 15th (earlier than most students!) to begin student chaplaincy training Jabre and the co-chaplain for his dorm hall are part of a team of 30 student chaplains who are responsible for caring for and cultivating the spiritual life of their fellow students. Each Thursday, he co-leads “Grow Group” for his hallmates using Fearless Faith: Devotion for College Students as a guide.

Jabre is a spirit-filled, charismatic young man with the gifts and calling to preach the Gospel. When asked about the opportunity to serve as a student chaplain, he said:

“God is using me in different ways to minister to God’s people. In some cases, to win souls for Christ; in other instances, to impact a student to they don’t leave the same way they came here. Either way, to touch one soul will be worth it!”

Throughout the summer, Jabre co-led a Bible study and ministered to anyone in need of prayer by working the 10 pm Power Prayer Line with Agape Ministries. To continue his preparation for ministry this semester, he will be studying: Biblical Interpretations, Jesus and the Gospels, Christian Spirituality, and Youth Ministry Field Experience with Eastern’s exceptional and devoted faculty. Like other Campolo Scholars, Jabre will be a guest preacher at St. John’s Baptist Church this month, virtually via Zoom.

Jabre is quick to note Tony’s influence and counsel in his life; he’s also eager to share that he’s been impacted by the following spiritual giants: Dr. K-lee Johnson, an Eastern professor, and pastor; Dr. Jackie Irving, the VP of Student Development and fellow Campolo Scholar, and former student chaplain, Cionie Lum, among others.

As promising as Jabre’s ministry and future sounds, he is not without hardships. He lost his great uncle and his cousin to Covid-19 in August. Please keep Jabre and his family in your prayers.

Thank you for your faithful prayers for all of our new and returning Campolo Scholars.