The history of Christianity is a history of relationships.

August 1, 2019

At the Campolo Center, we recognize how important these relationships are – to mentor, equip, counsel, and build into the lives of the Campolo Scholars.

Today I want to highlight an especially important person who is serving in this capacity, day in and day out, pouring into the lives of future church leaders:

Robert Gauthier – Campolo Center’s executive director.

From the “official” to the “unofficial,” Robert is constantly at work behind the scenes. But, don’t just take my word for it! Check out what the Campolo Scholars have to say:

Jon Galdames-Henry: “Robert is an amazing mentor and friend to me. He has helped empower and guide me while navigating my call to be in ministry. Robert’s kind words and honesty make him an amazing mentor to have on your side. Robert also pushes me to learn and to have confident answers to life’s questions.”

Ally Bartlett: “Robert is one of the most curious, genuine people I have ever met. His faith is deep and thoughtful, which is apparent in his life. He is a risk-taker in theology and his leadership of people, and always lands on the side of love from God that is inviting and abundant for all.”

James Williams: “Robert has been a seminal influence in my seminary and post-seminary years. He has taken every opportunity to elevate the lives and ministries of the Campolo Scholars; he is an encouraging and thoughtful voice that provides clarity and guidance to the young scholars during their formative young adulthood. Robert’s way of promoting diverse, irenic discussion in weekly meetings serves as an example to us all for how to walk together in our Christianity.

Through his constant encouragement – coupled with his keen mind, peaceful demeanor, and aptness at relationship building – Robert is someone whom I can rely on for spiritual nourishment, support, and refinement as a budding Christian leader. More than most, Robert is truly gifted at bringing people from all walks of life together. I am blessed to know him and call him my mentor, brother, and friend.”

Robert: the Campolo Center and Eastern University are so grateful for your talents and faithfulness.

And we are thankful for all of you who partner with us to raise up future leaders to serve the church and make a difference – just like Robert and the Campolo Scholars.   Thank you and God bless you!   Gratefully,

Tony Campolo