Welcome Home, Tony!

October 2, 2020

Today, October 2nd is a day to celebrate! After weeks of hard work, Tony is returning home. Tonight, he will enjoy a shared meal with Peggy in the comfort of their own apartment for the first time since his stroke on June 20th. Praise the Lord for this good news.

Here are some thoughts from Peggy:

“Never have I seen anyone work harder at anything than my dear husband has at his physical therapy. The two therapists who have worked with him are terrific. They have become like family to both of us. Because of their encouragement, Tony always wants to do more than he did the day before. The expertise and time these two women have invested in Tony are major factors in how much he has improved.”

As we celebrate with Tony and Peggy today, we also want to thank you for the multitude of prayers offered on his behalf. Tony is grateful for each and every one of you – and so am I.

PS. Enjoy this image of Tony checking out the printed Campolo Center newsletter. He gave it a thumbs-up! Be sure to contact us if you’d like to be added to our print-mailing list.