What if you could equip a new generation of pastors and church leaders?

December 4, 2014

We’re thrilled to announce the official launch of Tony Campolo’s most transformational project yet, the Campolo Center for Ministry at Eastern University!

Under Tony’s visionary and entrepreneurial leadership, the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education (EAPE) created, nurtured and supported innovative ministries for “at-risk” children, youth, and their families in inner cities throughout North America and in the developing world.

Since Tony founded EAPE in 1970, thousands of folks like you have volunteered their time and talents, remembered Tony and urban missionaries in their prayers, and invested in the ministry with their financial gifts.

This year has been one of transition for Tony and EAPE.  On June 30 the work of EAPE came to a close; but then, on July 1, with the blessing and encouragement of the EAPE board, the work of the Campolo Center for Ministry began!

We give thanks to God and to all of Tony’s friends and supporters who helped EAPE complete its strategic mission.  And we hope Tony’s friends and supporters will continue to partner with him in the next chapter of his ministry.

The Campolo Center for Ministry is the next and biggest step in his vision for Christian leadership development and church renewal—a partnership with Eastern University that sets out to transform the church by identifying and preparing the next generation of church leaders.

In the coming days and weeks we’ll share more details about our bold vision for the Campolo Center for Ministry, and suggest ways that you can help support and spread the word about this important new mission.

Whether you’ve followed Tony and supported EAPE over the years or have recently discovered Tony through his inspiring preaching, teaching, writing or ministries, we’re grateful that you’re on this journey with us!

We invite to explore our new website—www.CampoloCenter.orgto learn more about this movement to invest the education, training and spiritual formation of the next generation of pastors and church leaders.

With gratitude and hope in what God has done and will do,

Robert Gauthier (on behalf of Tony and the CCM team)
Executive Director of Development