Why is the mission of the Campolo Center vital?

December 5, 2014

We just launched this new website — www.CampoloCenter.org — to help tell our story and share our vision but, in a nutshell, here is why we believe that the work of CCM is so vital.

In recent years, Tony sensed a major challenge in the American church: put simply, we do not have enough qualified and trained pastors and church leaders our churches require.

There are three reasons for this situation:

  • First, there are simply not as many people following Christ in the rising generation of young people.
  • Second, for the limited number of younger Christians seeking to serve the church, many are not sufficiently trained biblically.
  • Third, for those very limited number of trained Christians graduating college, most are leaving school with huge debts and are entering the secular workplace to pay off these obligations. Unfortunately, many of these people simply do not return to ministry after years in secular employment.

As a result, CCM invests in the recruitment, training and spiritual formation of students called to Christian leadership and service. And, through Campolo Scholarships, the debt load from their schooling will be dramatically reduced.

Providing Campolo Scholarships is one aspect of our four part Campolo Initiative strategy.  You can learn more about our vision and goals for 1) recruitment, 2) scholarships, 3) training, and 4) teaching at: campolocenter.org/our-vision/.

Thank you for your interest in this work!

With gratitude and hope in Christ,
Robert Gauthier (on behalf of Tony and the CCM team)
Executive Director of Development