Visiting with Tony, Ally, and James

June 22, 2021

Before we dive in with a fun update on Tony and the Scholars, I want to remind you that, this month, a special friend of the ministry is offering a matching grant that will double your gift to the Campolo Scholarship Fund.

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Long before James Williams was a Campolo Scholar at Palmer Theological Seminary and then Senior Pastor of the historic First Baptist Church of Philadelphia, he was raised in a family that loved Tony and shared stories of him. James’s grandparents and mother were members of Upper Merion Baptist Church when Tony was their pastor. As an alum, James was the first Resident Campolo Fellow, helping to plan and coordinate the weekly Campolo Scholars Forums. Now, as a full-time pastor, he is a regular guest at these weekly meetings.

Ally Bartlett Ruch visiting Tony on the day he received his copy of the Campolo Center newsletter and appeal.

James is quick to share how much he benefited and gained from his years as a Campolo Scholar and through his time with Tony and is eager to give back to the program that helped shape him and his ministry. Under his leadership, the FBC of Philadelphia is a Church Partner sponsoring the Campolo Scholars and the Campolo Fellows Lecture Series as part of their mission budget. James never misses an opportunity to fellowship with Tony and receive his counsel, so he cherished his time visiting with Tony last week.

Campolo Scholar graduate Ally (Bartlett) Ruch was so happy to visit Tony this week. Tony and Ally met in 2018 when Ally joined the Campolo Scholar’s program. Ally graduated Eastern in December of 2019 and serves as the Director of Congregational Care at Hopewell Church in Downingtown, PA.

Ever since they first interacted, Tony and Ally have been great co-laborers with Christ, remaining in dialogue and prayer together. And this recent visit was no exception!

Campolo Center for Ministry graduates like James and Ally are already making a difference in the Church and society, and we are so proud of their ongoing growth, hearts for the gospel and justice, and desire to pour back into the rising cohorts of Campolo Scholars.

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